Logged in you can make a note at each device type and save it at the device type.



producer price index

You can change the producer price index by selecting the desired year. By selecting it, the average new values are recalculated in all unit sizes and their derived values. Information about the average new value can be found in the basic information in chapter 5.




Enter the parameter to be interpolated into the first field. The primary characteristic quantity is always the first column after the device size key.

Choose a size between the smallest and the largest characteristic quantity. The interpolated row is displayed in the table.

In the second field a suggestion for a device size key is automatically displayed, if it can be derived from the primary characteristic quantity. If it cannot be derived, enter it individually and confirm your entry again by clicking "calculate".



Specify additional equipment and devices

By marking a device size in the first column of the device size table, you can display the additional equipment and devices valid for this size. The key of the ZA and ZG is automatically adjusted to the selected device size.

Please note that you can only add additional equipment and devices to "My Devices" if you have saved the assigned device size before.

You can click on "Reset selection" to display all additional equipment and devices again.



Time value of construction equipment

On the My Devices page, you can calculate a time value for your saved device types. To do so, enter the technical condition and the year of construction of the device as well as the desired time of calculation of the current value in the form MM.YYYY in the two fields. The values necessary for the calculation will be determined accordingly. Information on the formula can be found in "Chapter 10. Time value of construction equipment" in the Basic Information.

Important: Time value can be calculated back till the year of construction 1971.

Please note that the producer price index set via the select box on the page is not relevant for the calculation of the time value.

New construction equipment list BGL 2020 published


Today, the standard work on charging for construction equipment is published in a new edition for the first time in Germany and Austria.

As early as the 1950s, German and Austrian construction industry associations independently developed industry standards as a basis for the internal and inter-company invoicing of construction machinery and equipment. In addition to the allocation of equipment costs, e.g. between equipment management and the construction site or between consortia and their partner companies, the list of construction equipment serves, among other things, as a basis for equipment planning, as an aid for the assessment of equipment and machine costs (e.g. in investment planning or profitability comparisons) or as a point of reference for evaluation in insurance cases.

Most recently, the BGL 2015 in Germany and the ÖBGL 2015 in Austria have been published with almost identical content and structure. The standardization took into account the cross-border activities of companies in both countries. Today, a uniform version (BGL 2020) is being published for the first time, which was jointly developed by more than 60 experts from the German construction industry and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber's Construction Office.

In terms of content, it reflects technical progress and the requirements of construction practice - such as digitization and new drive systems - compared to 2015. The structural elements: equipment group, equipment subgroup, type of equipment as well as technical parameter(s) and manufacturer-independent mean new values remain basic structural components of the BGL 2020.

As with the previous version, the BGL 2020 will be available as a hardcover book, via an online platform and exclusively for construction companies as a structured file for transfer into operational ERP or calculation systems.

In the further developed online version (www.bgl-online.info), the data stock will be continuously updated as necessary by adding new equipment and devices. The new online BGL also offers extended functionalities for individual device configurations as well as for interpolation and time value calculation.

(Press release German Construction Industry Association, 1.12.2020)

The online version of the BGL 2015 can still be accessed via archiv2015.bgl-online.info. The archive version of the BGL 2007 can also still be reached temporarily at archiv2007.bgl-online.info.

Please pay particular attention to the notes on the producer price index in the basic information when working with the current data.